Hello world! I have been posting on Facebook recently. I like to refer to it as my Facebook evangelism. This is the start of taking my periodical (daily/weekly) evangelism to another level and platform.

Those with particular gifts in evangelism or public speaking have worked tirelessly at their craft while introverts or just plain ole public speaking challenged-ites like myself had nightmares about the prospect of delivering a word from the traditional stage or pulpit. It became easy to say, “I’m not gifted in that way” and leave ministry to the “professionals.”

So are we all called to evangelize? Yes, we are all called to evangelize, but not In the same way or by the same means. Rather, each part of the body works to support the whole—all with the goal of glorifying God before the eyes of the watching world. This also presents a beautiful view of the church to unbelieving friends, as they get to see the blood-bought unity of God’s people on display, with every person and gift dignified along the way.

What is Evangelism? It is the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ. At the same time, evangelism isn’t a particular strategy for engaging others. We don’t all need to be street preachers, nor do we need to walk every friend down the “Romans Road.”

Every Member Contributes Every part is necessary to the body. For evangelism to flourish, every member must contribute his or her respective gift. We’re not all called to do the same thing. Not every Christian is a mouth or an ear.