The Word: Always Be Faithful

“Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.” Revelation 2:10

Being faithful can be easy when things are going well, but faithfulness in the face of suffering, require special character and dedication. Jesus says “True faithfulness is to remain dedicated to Me even when there’s no way out. Don’t let your faithfulness be conditional – dependent on blessings and protection. Be unconditionally faithful, so that you can inherit God’s eternal life.” “There is more to God’s life than your experiences on this side of eternal life. God’s faithfulness goes beyond the grave! This life will pass away, but God’s life is for all eternity. “ A good start is important, but Jesus wants us to remain faithful until the end.

To fiercely cling to this life, makes us as miserable as the world. Our Hope and Faith must be separated from our circumstances. It should dwell in the Person and character of Jesus Christ.

Baseball: In the Beginning

It has to start somewhere. For me at was 50ish years ago when I first played T-Ball at Middle Valley Recreation when I was 5 years old. Back then, I think I was resigned to standing in right field playing with the grass and picking whatever wildflower was growing 😂. Today, on my 55th Birthday, I reflect on how I became to be competitive in the sport over the years, whether it was playing or coaching in some form. My live for the game has continued to grow (Thank you Lord). I am so grateful for the breath of life that has been gifted to me and what the game of baseball has been in my life and others close to me!!

Other Stuff

Birthday Cake Love
Did you hear about the love affair between sugar and cream? It was icing on the cake.

Whoops, No Present
Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one.

Thank Goodness For Family
Age is a relative thing. All my relatives keep reminding me how old I am.

The Word: Tired of the Rush

“I will not impose any other burden on you, except to hold on what you have until I come.”Revelation 2:24-25

We can become tired of rushing after gifts and ministries and programs and goals. In the process we can lose the gentleness and serenity of Jesus’ ministry. Zeal without wisdom can be harmful and immature, which does not lead anyone to God’s “green pastures” and “quiet waters.”

A congregation that is tired of rushing after new fads has a need for the Shepard if of Christ. Jesus says, “I will ask nothing more of you except that you hold tightly to me.”

Baseball: Devon Travis

Did you know? He is the Big brother of FSU Heisman worthy QB Jordon Travis. He played 2B for the Toronto Blue Jays from 2015-2018 and is currently the coach of the Gulf Coast League Braves (Rookie League). And yes, he is a Christian athlete who gives all the glory to Jesus Christ just like his younger brother. Team Jesus and Go Noles!

Just like batting in baseball, there are many terms used to describe different aspects of pitching as well. Again, these can be used when discussing certain actions, plays or statistics you may encounter as a pitcher. Bender: A curveball.
Chin music: A pitch that is thrown high and inside on a batter in attempt to back them up off the plate. Gas: Another term for a fastball. “This pitcher is throwing gas.” On the bump: This phrase is used when talking about a pitcher on the pitcher’s mound. “On the bump tonight is [insert pitcher’s name here].” Uncle Charlie: A term sometimes used for a curveball.

Other Stuff

FSU 45 – Gators 38. My Birthday Eve. This is the Day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it.

The Word: Two Missions – One Character

“As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world John 17:18

“As You sent me, I have sent them.” isn’t that awesome! The father sent his son into the world to witness about him and lay down his life for the reconciliation and restoration of everyone who believes in him. In the same way, Jesus sends us into the world to witness about him and to lay down in our lives for the restoration and reconciliation of everyone who believes in him.
Paul says, “Even if I’m being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you, Philippians 2:17. We received a godly mandate and an eternal example of how we are supposed to live out our testimony: Jesus Christ as the father treated Jesus, so Jesus treats us.
There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than living out your calling to Christ. This brings true meaning to life,


Thanksgiving and Baseball, a gobbleee good combination!!

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What’s going on in BG?????

The Word: Our Only Teacher

“The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.” Luke 6:40

Jesus’ words are quite logical, but when you apply them to your relationship with him, they are also powerful. Jesus is our teacher and we are his students. He teaches us to be like him. We are not the teacher; He is. We don’t do what we want or what we think is right; we do what the teacher says.

Don’t let your life be dictated by anything other than what Jesus teaches. No form of patriotism, formalism, or other loyalty can replace him.

Baseball: And God said, “Play Ball!”

This content is a joint expression of two of my greatest loves: baseball and the Bible. It is, however, in no way meant to be an interpretation of the Bible. I am not a biblical scholar and don’t pretend to be one. Some of the observations on the Bible and its connections to baseball are just that…observations. Maybe they, at times, can be thought-provoking, challenging, curious, and amusing. Perhaps others will learn to love the Good Book and great game as many of us do. And realize that there is a great deal to be learned about life through both. It’s said that God is present everywhere. For me this is nowhere more true than on a baseball field. It is a shared belief among many that Baseball may just well be the secular version of God’s grace to us all. So step up to the plate and make the sign of the cross. There’s a lot we can learn from angels, both guardian and those from LA/Anaheim.

Yet more baseball hitting terms for your toolbox. These can be used when talking about certain statistics, situations or actions a hitter may experience while batting in a baseball game. 
Launch angle: The vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck. Locked up: When a batter gets a pitch in on the hands making it impossible for them to swing in an effective matter or at all, they are said to have gotten “locked up.”
Rake : A term used to describe a player who hits well to all parts of the field.

Other Stuff

Thanksgiving gonna be in Bowling Green KY. Did you know? The Corvette museum and GM Assembly plant where they are built is in Bowling Green KY. Did you know? Bowling Green is Home to Western Kentucky University (WKU) where the Hilltoppers play…their mascot is known simply as Big Red. Did you know? Bowling Green was Included in the 2020 Top 100 Places to Live list by, coming in at #89.

The Word: Anchor Ourselves in the Lord

“ Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.” Luke 6:25.

The hunger and grief that people experience without God surpasses all that a person might face as a result of inadequate material resources. There’s nothing wrong with having enough to eat and enjoying life. However, those who enjoy abundance and laughter now and think that’s the sum total of life, will be rudely awakened. Their sun will suddenly set while it’s still day, and then no amount of fun or treats will bring any comfort. One often sees this happen: marriages fail, children drift away from their parents, and people sink into despair and depression until they have no life left.

We shouldn’t seek consolation in anything, other than the person, character and ministry of Jesus. We need to enjoy our food, and be thankful for it, but anchor ourselves in the lord, to provide comfort for the soul.

Baseball: And God said, “Play Ball!”

Baseball is not only a game, but a never-ending series of lessons about life, as well.
FAITH AND BASEBALL have long been important factors in my life am probably many of you who are reading this, each one inspiring valuable lessons on living. Many of us may keep returning to them both. Each has taught us lessons about love, loss, and life. Each has its own rewards and its version of universal truth. We don’t have to be a theologian or throw a curve ball with precision to lead us to think there’s a symbiotic relationship between that which was heaven sent and the game which is heaven on earth. To better understand faith, one need not look further than common things in life. What better place to start than on the baseball field, a place treasured by so many?

Here’s more baseball hitting for your toolbox so to speak. These can be used when talking about certain statistics, situations or actions a hitter may experience while batting in a baseball game. 
Blistered: A ball that is hit extremely hard. “That ball was blistered!” Dead-red: When a batter is waiting on or expecting a fastball to be thrown. “The batter is sitting dead-red here.” Frozen rope: A hard-hit line drive. Jack: Another term for a home run.

Other Stuff

How about some humor for a Tuesday morning or afternoon/evening depending on where you may be.

Why did God create man before woman?

Because He didn’t want any advice on how to do it.

Went running with my Bible…

Now my Psalms are sweaty.

Where is the first baseball game in the Bible?

In the big inning. Eve stole first, Adam stole second. Cain struck out Abel. The Giants and the Angels were rained out.